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1. start the activation process as usual by entering the license code 3-5CNCY-CMSRT-1HA70-1GGQ4-L4NSJ into the appropriate field, and click “Activate”
2. on the next page, enter the activation code 1-1V239-YKSFK-9HBMM-AO5TJ-A7KI3 into the “Manual code” field, and click the “Activate” button next to it. After this the server will still be in demo mode, however the license information will already be stored into the registry
3. now start the registry editor, navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\NTware\LicenseManager, and double click on the key named as the license code mentioned above
4 change the date at the end of the value from “… 2019 01 03” to “…2019 01 02” and save it. Now restart the uF service, and the trial license should be active–nFxP2-TMgvAlVuJdcDW3m8Ur8wr8z6HWjRQ6zznOtmqdSuAz71E–nFxP2-TMgvAlVuJdcDW3m8Ur8wr8z6HWjRQ6zznOtmqdSuAz71E–nFxP2-TMgvAlVuJdcDW3m8Ur8wr8z6HWjRQ6zznOtmqdSuAz71E


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